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The wooden toys of the Japanese company Dou are meant to entice kids. "Dou?" in Japanese meanse "How?".

How will we play?
How do you think about this?
How do we do this?

Enhance your kids' communication, imagination and sensitivity by letting them play with these toys with the entire family. We feel that "Dou?" is the basis for communication between parents and children.

All products are made of wood, resulting in safe play with natural warmth. Everything is hand made to a simple but functional design.



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#005 carryme Dad, can I do the suitcase? Who has not been asked this…
€ 120,00
#004 little chef I can make my own delicious dishes! We have all played house…
€ 67,50
#003 little DJ Turn the tables and make your own music! Turn the tables…
€ 47,50
#001 my own zoo I have a giraffe, an elephant and a rabbit that take me on a…
€ 35,00

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